Uniform Policy

Riverview East Academy Uniform Policy 2019-20

General Guidelines

  • All clothing is to be clean, in good repair and properly fitted
  • Clothing must be worn in a manner that does not expose the shoulder, torso, midriff, chest, cleavage, back, buttocks or undergarments.
  • No headwear such as hats or head coverings.
  • No bandanas — (violates district and police policy regarding gang-related clothing)
  • No coats, jackets or hooded sweatshirts may be worn or carried during the school day
  • The building administrator may allow modifications to the dress code on specific days (e.g. spirit days, holidays or other school-wide events)
  • No accessorizing by wearing items over polo shirts such as wearing scarves or vests.
  • No leggings or stilettos.
  • Clothing must not distract from a hospitable learning environment.

Long Pants

  • Must be solid navy or khaki with no design. Only these colors are allowed.
  • Must be Dockers-style or dress casual style.
  • Must be proper length — may not drag on the ground and no frayed bottoms.
  • Must stay unassisted, without a belt, at the top of the hipbone or above.
  • Must not be excessive in length and may not have oversized belt buckles; no chains allowed.
  • Pants are to not be form-fitting materials, i.e. Lycra, spandex, dri-weave, etc.
  • No denim and must not look like jeans.
  • May not be torn in any way.

Capri/Crop Pants (Girls Only)

  • Same requirements as pants except length

Shorts, Skorts, Skirts, Dresses, Jumpers

  • Same requirements as pants except length.
  • Shorts and skirts must be at or below the knee.
  • No slits above the knee.


  • Must be polo style (collared) shirts that have no more than two of the top buttons open.
  • May be long- or short-sleeve standard collared polo.
  • Must be a plain solid color with no design and no stripes.
  • Must be blue, yellow, white or black.
  • Plain t-shirts, thermals, turtlenecks or long-sleeve t-shirts (blue, white or yellow) are permitted but must be worn under the polo shirt.
  • May be quarter zipper long-sleeve shirts. The shirt may not have a hoodie and may not be full zip. It may be made out of fleece, sweat shirt material or dry fit. They must be blue, yellow or white. Any logo needs to be smaller than a credit card.


  • Must be blue, yellow, or white (read guidelines below)
  • Must be a plain solid color.
  • Button down cardigan sweaters may be worn, but only over an approved style polo shirt.
  • Sweaters are allowed under the uniform shirt, but must be uniform colors.
  • No hoods, hoodies.
  • Approved Riverview East spirit wear t-shirts/sweatshirts/sweaters may be worn on Fridays only.
  • Students involved in sports may wear their warm-ups on game days only.


  • Must be closed toe shoes.
  • If shoes have laces, they must be laced and tied.
  • No slippers, moccasins, Crocs, or flip-flops.


  • If seniors or sports teams choose to purchase hoodies, they may not be worn during school hours.
  • Fridays: Students may wear shirts that have Riverview East on them. This only applies to shirts. No hoodies are allowed. Uniform pants must be worn. No sweatpants allowed.
  • The Administration reserves the right to allow modifications to the dress code as needed.