Uniform Policy

Riverview East Academy Uniform Policy 2021-22

General Guidelines

  • Clothing/accessories may not contain images or symbols that are hateful or offensive in nature, that are excessively sexual, or that promote violence, drugs, alcohol or gang activity/affiliation. 
  • No visible undergarments, either exposed or through clothing. 
  • No hoods or brimmed/billed hats may be worn. 
  • No exposed midriff (when the arms are relaxed at the sides). 
  • Shorts, skirts and jeans (non-ripped) must cover the top third of the thigh. 
  • Shirt straps must be at least the width of two inches and necklines may not dip below the height of the armpit. 
  • Close-toed shoes must be worn at all times for grades K-6 and in PE and science labs for grades 7-12.