School Policies


School Community

Providing a conducive environment for learning and teaching is an essential element within urban education.  As a school communtiy, we are very aware of the challenges that could potentially affect children from different socioeconomic and culturally diverse backgrounds educationally.  Every stakeholder at Riverview East Academy remains conscious of these shortcomings.  At Riverview East Academy, we develop, implement, and evaluate interventions that will narrow the academic achievement between groups of students. The students at Riverview East Academy will always be the centerpiece of our work as we continue to raise the level of expectations on a constant and consistent basis.  Through quality instruction, academic rigor, high expectations both academically and behaviorally and teachers utilizing research-based instructional approaches, we will ensure that students are learning at high levels.  This caliber of educational expectancy is what Riverview East Academy generates its energy from in providing high expectations within the school community; consequently, our state test scores are rising (3-12), students are graduating from high school and being accepted into colleges and universities and/or selecting a career.

Four Critical Questions

At Riverview East Academy, there are four guiding questions that are associated with effective teaching and learning in conjunction with raising student outcomes:

  1. What do we want students to learn (Standards/Grade Level Indicators)?
  2. Why do we want students to learn it (Rationale for Learning)?
  3. How will we know when students have mastered the content/material (Formative & Summative Assessments)?
  4. What do we do as a school community when we determine that students have not learned based on the data sources provided (Interventions)?

Professional Staff Development

Riverview East Academy staff is dedicated to an active professional development plan; continuing to acquire new knowledge, skills, and practices that will enhance further growth in our educational environment.  Learning Teams is a concept birthed by the Cincinnati Public Schools, which allow for teachers to engage in learning opportunities that will enhance student achievement.  A personal commitment to a continual program of professional development weekly (Learning Teams) has been the key quality to ongoing student learning and effective teaching using data aa a guideline.  Upon our pursuit and engagement in differentiated learning experiences in and away from the schoolhouse, this behavior will be modeled by students at Riverview East Academy with the intent of them embracing the “LIFELONG LEARNER” concept.  If there is no professional growth from the Riverview East Academy staff, there will be no organizational maturation in terms of educational productivity.  Riverview East Academy stakeholders are steadfast in participating in professional growth activities on a weekly basis because we know that without it, there will be no school improvements.