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Included on this page is an array of resources to help our families find important information and stay engaged in their child's learning.

Families and Students

Below are links to some of the most important information you’ll need as you prepare your child for a rewarding experience in Cincinnati Public Schools.


Project Connect

For children who are experiencing homelessness, the risk of falling behind academically is significantly greater. Project Connect helps clear barriers to education for families who are homeless. From assisting with enrollment and promoting attendance to providing in-school and summer programs, Project Connect provides guidance and support to give a leg up for children and youth who are experiencing homelessness. Learn more about Project Connect and the services it offers.

After-School Program

Riverview East has an After School Program sponsored by Grad Cincinnati. This program, which is funded through a 21st Century Grant allows us to have an assortment of programs for our students in grades 7-12. These programs include a Poetry Cafe, tutoring, extra help sessions, Entrepreneur Club, Bike Club (where students build their own bikes and learn about physics), photography club and dance club. All of these clubs and activities are available to students. For more information about this program, please contact Ms. Brantley, the After School Coordinator, at (513) 363-3478. 
Credit Recovery/Summer Learning  

There are times when our high school students fall short of their credits. This is an important service we offer students to get caught up in their work.  Credit Recovery is part of our After-School program. It starts in October and goes to the end of December. It starts again in February and goes until May 1. We also have summer learning for our students who are in need of making-up credits. This helps with making sure that students meet graduation requirements. For more information, please contact our counselor, Ms. Huber at (513) 363-3419.

Health Center  

We are proud to have a Community Health Center that is staffed during the school day. It not only serves our community but also serves our students. There is a separate entrance for the community members so that there is no way for non-school personnel to interact with the children. However, students and families can use this facility, which is located directly in our school. Please contact them at (513) 363-3476 if you have further questions.

Margaret's Place

Margaret's Place is a room at our school that allows our students in grades 7-12 to drop in if they are experiencing any kind of challenge, whether it be something as simple as nervousness about an upcoming test or actual abusive situations. Our Margaret's Place Counselor, Cameron Guidugli or Ms. Cameron, who will assist students who drop in with concerns. She also leads our Peer Leaders, who help students and lead initiatives throughout the school to not only educate our students but also our families.

Community Resources

Cincinnati Public Schools has partnered with a number of social services, non-profit agencies and government programs to provide assistance for families in times of need. Visit our district Community Resources page for a complete listing of available programs. 

Technology Tools

Schoology (pronounced "Skoo-luh-jee") Communication Tool Now Available — This integrated learning-management solution gives students, parents and teachers a new and easy way to connect and communicate.

Google Apps for Education — CPS has adopted Google Apps for Education as a key tool for student learning. Google Apps for Education is a web-based suite of programs provided by Google for schools to use. All Google Apps services can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Naviance — A software tool for career planning, Naviance helps students achieve three primary goals: Get to know themselves, explore possibilities and take action.

Putting our Technology Tools to Work

Our world is driven by technology. Digital devices and software add a dynamic element that keeps students interested and provides access to tools that prepare them for the future.