Riverview East Academy provides many programs and services to ensure that students succeed in school and that their educational experiences remain healthy.  One of our primary concentrations at Riverview is providing prevention and intervention programs and services that will support students and families by addressing the cognitive, behavioral, social, emotional, health, safety, and alternative education needs of all students while maximizing their student achievement potential. 

Some services and programs offered at Riverview East Academy:


Counseling services are available to all students to address areas of personal, academic, and social difficulties as well as college preparation and career exploration.  We have two counselors from the Children's Home that provide services to the students at Riverview East Academy, Erika Taylor and Mark Freshley.  The Children’s Home of Cincinnati has provided school based mental health services for over 8 years.  The overarching goal of the school-based services program is to help children at Riverview function more successfully in school, home and community environments.  The primary focus of the services at Children's Home is on the child’s social and emotional development and increasing behavioral self-control.  Children's Home services stretches from prevention to treatment.  The Children's Home work to build each child’s competence and confidence so that he or she will experience more success in all areas of his or her life.

Positive Behavior Supports

Positive Behavior Supports (PBS) is a school-wide system of supports that include proactive strategies for defining, teaching, and supporting appropriate student behaviors to create a positive school environment.  At Riverview East Academy, we identify a Positive Behavior Support Team that collaborates with the district’s Positive Support personnel to support behavioral and academic successes for every student at Riverview.

School Social Worker

Evette Harris is Riverview's School Social Worker that serves as the link between school and home around issues that are impacting student achievement.   The primary focus of Mrs. Harris as the school's social worker is to ensure that students who have excessive unexcused absences receive the support and follow-up that they need in order to come to school every day.

School Nurse

Gwen Johnson is Riverview East' school health assistant.  She facilitates the Wellness Center and offers medical/physical and emotional well-being services to the children of Riverview East Academy.

Summer Bridge Program

Summer Bridge is a transitional program for students in their first year of high school. This learning experience provides additional academic, social support and skill-building opportunities to students to ensure they establish a positive beginning to their high school career.  Summer Bridge is a program that's traditionally conducted during the summer months.  Preferably, a few weeks before the start of school.

Americorps (CYC)

High School Completion Plan - High School Completion Plan for Riverview East Academy: Dropout Prevention, Intervention, and Student Recovery is a comprehensive plan for ensuring all students complete high school.  The High School Completion Plan for Riverview East is organized into five focus areas:

  1. Student Trends & Dropout Prevention
  2. Instructional Reform
  3. Student Support Initiatives
  4. Parental & Community Leadership
  5. Data Quality

Each focus area includes strategies that address specific barriers to high school completion.  The strategies include specific action steps, person(s) responsible, timeline, evaluation methods, and resources needed.

High School and Beyond Plans – Counselors and Career Development Coordinators work with high school seniors to ensure every student graduates with a clear plan beyond high school.  School counselors and Career Development Coordinators ensure that seniors have mapped out and implemented all the necessary steps to fulfill the student’s plan beyond high school.

School Psychologist

Mr. Jeff Armstrong is Riverview's School psychologist. He direct services to the particular needs of each child and each situation.  Mr. Armstrong provides these core services to Riverview East Academy:

  • Consultation: He gives healthy and effective alternatives to teachers, parents, and administrators about problems in learning and behavior; help others understand child development and how it affects learning and behavior; and strengthen working relationships between educators, parents and community services.
  • Assessment:  Mr. Armstrong uses a wide variety of techniques at an individual, group, and systems level to evaluate: academic skills, learning aptitudes, personality and emotional development social skills, learning environments and school climate, and eligibility for special education.
  • Intervention: He works face-to-face with children and families; help solve conflicts and problems in learning and adjustment; provide psychological counseling for children and families; provide social skills training, behavior management, and other strategies; and help families and schools deal with crises, such as separation and loss.
  • Prevention: Mr. Armstrong identifies potential learning difficulties, design programs for children at risk of failure, provide parents and teachers with the skills to cope with disruptive behavior, help foster tolerance, understanding, and appreciation of diversity in the school community, and develop school-wide initiatives to make schools safer and more effective.
  • Education: Mr. Armstrong has assisted in the development of programs on topics such as: teaching and learning strategies, classroom management techniques, working with students who have disabilities or unusual talents, substance abuse, and crisis management.

Speech & Language Pathologist

Mrs. Kerscher is Riverview's Speech and Language Pathologist. She works with students who cannot produce sounds or speech clearly; those with speech rhythm and fluency problems, such as stuttering; people with voice disorders, such as inappropriate pitch or harsh voice; those with problems understanding and producing language; those who wish to improve their communication skills by modifying an accent; and those with cognitive communication impairments, such as attention, memory, and problem-solving disorders.  Mrs. Kerscher also works with students who have swallowing difficulties.  At Riverview East, Mrs. Kerscher has developed individualized plans of care for students that are assoiciated with each student's need.  Mrs. Kerscher keeps accurate records of evaluations and progressions of each student.  This allows her to pinpoint problems while tracking the student's progress.

Award Winning Childcare

CELC-East End is located in the Riverview East Academy building and serves children 18 months to 5 years.  We accept Hamilton County Daycare vouchers and private payment. 

Cincinnati Early Learning Center, Inc. (CELC) is a nationally accredited state award winning, non-profit agency managing 7 full-day childcare locations throughout Greater Cincinnati.  CELC emphasizes developmentally appropriate curriculum, employs only the highest educated and trained individuals and mandates low teacher to child ratios. 

For more information please contact Linda Doyle at 363-3481

School Resource Officer (SRO)

Andrea Gamble is Riverview's School Resource Officer (SRO).  Officer Gamble provides a law enforcement presence at Riverview by being visible to prevent problems and she's available to handle police related functions, such as crime investigation as necessary.  Officer Gamble contributes to providing a safe learning environment for students and faculty at Riverview East Academy.  Officer Gamble is also considered as an educator.  By working with classroom teachers and other faculty members, she presents information and answer questions on a variety of topics including law, drugs, safety, crime prevention, violence prevention and community awareness.  At Riverview East Academy, Officer Gamble is also considered an advisor.  She offers meaninful advice, performs mediations between students, parents and faculty.  As part of her professional experiences, she gives direction to additional resources within the community.