Get Involved

Family Involvement is a contributing factor to improving student achievement.  A quality family program is designed with student achievement as the foundation.  Reaching all families, including those not yet involved in the school, is critical.  Families are strongly encouraged to serve on our planning team and/or LSDMC.  Families must be involved in education aimed at guiding children toward positive behavior.  Families must be involved in the planning and implementation of services of students with disabilities as well.

At Riverview East Academy, we will continue our efforts to develop partnerships with families and the community simultaneously.  Through the leadership of our Parent/Community Coordinator, we have developed a formal plan to further this initiative.  The school is frequently represented at community meetings and activities by staff and students.  Community members feel welcomed and often participates in school functions.  Through the services of our Social, Emotional, and Mental Health Coordinators, all agency interactions with students are scheduled and noted in the student’s file.

Parents actively participate in school governance via the LSDMC, Parent Organization, and marketing/recruiting efforts.  The School-wide SMART Goals for the 2010-2011 school year were written in collaboration with parents and community members.  Grade-level specific parent groups have been organized to develop programming and activities for parent group meetings and to advise staff members of parent needs.

Our Parent Center provides the venue to support our efforts in recruiting family volunteers to provide support to the school during the school day.  The Parent/Community Coordinator works on a daily basis with parents assisting in the day-to-day functions at the school as well as with special projects.  Parents are also active in the extra-curricular and athletic programs working with the Athletic Director.  Community volunteers are presently providing support with our attendance initiative.  Beyond homework, limited activities are established for parents to participate in learning activities.  “Learning at Home” activities will naturally result from the formation of the grade-level parent groups.

Individual parent conferences are frequently held with the School Social Worker, the Social, Emotional, and Mental Health Coordinator, and/or the Case Coordinator to assist parents in dealing with situations that arise with our children.  Staff members become involved when any situation arises that would affect the student in the classroom setting.   Riverview's school newsletter and parent meeting programming often communicate parenting tips for dealing with child(ren) and assisting with student success.