Staff List

Office Personnel
Name Position Primary Phone Email
Dearwester, Jason Assistant Principal 513-363-3491 email staff
Health, Center 513-363-3476
Hines, Brittany Senior Support Specialist 513-363-3402 email staff
Pendley, Debra ELS/SS MTSS Data Coach 513-363-3408 email staff
Shaver, Thomas 513-363-3413 email staff
Tuerck, Wendy Treasurer 513-363-3406 email staff
Teacher / Staff
Name Subject Team / Grade Primary Phone Website Email
Abdulkarim, Hala English 7-8 email staff
Adkins, Renata Biology 9-10 513-363-3459 email staff
Adkins, Judith Occupational Therapist email staff
Alexander, Kendra Reading Specialist K-3 513-363-3488 email staff
Allstatter, Judy Music K-12 513-363-3465 email staff
Blankenship, Elizabeth Speech Therapist 513-363-3467 email staff
Bowling, Kristin Plant Operator 513-363-3415 email staff
Bowling, Irene Lunchroom Manager 513-363-3498
Brierly, Jennifer Paraprofessional K-12 513-363-3433 email staff
Britt, Deborah Autism Unit 9-12 513-363-3431 email staff
Brown, Abriel Security 513-363-3479 email staff
Buck, Bob Microsoft Office 7-8 email staff
Carr, Ebony Paraprofessional Autism Unit 513-363-3494 email staff
Connor, Leighton English 11-12 513-363-3463 email staff
Croft, Joyce Autism Unit 9-12 513-363-3431 email staff
Daniels, Dora Data Coach email staff
Dicks (Ernst), Shirley Autism Unit K-2 513-363-3494 email staff
Dohme, Martha Intervention Specialists Case Coordinator K-12 513-363-3430 email staff
Flohr, Linda Nursing Program 9-12 513-363-3440 email staff
Friedhoff, Jason Microsoft Office 9-12 email staff
Froelicher, Sarah Autism Unit 7-8 513-363-3468 email staff
Galocy, Elisabeth Jaquish Children's Home Therapist 513-363-3425 email staff
Gasparec, Lisa Intervention Specialist 7-8 513-363-3434 email staff
Griffith, Misty Autism Unit 3-6 513-363-3469 email staff
Guidugli, Cameron Margaret's Place 513-363-3425
Harping, Susan Science and Social Studies 4-6 513-363-3439 email staff
Harris, Joshua Social Studies 7-8 513-363-3454 email staff
Hartmann, Catherine Math 8 email staff
Hayes, Jennifer Math and Science 3 513-363-3488 email staff
Hess, Jay Social Studies 11-12 513-363-3436 email staff
Hollyfield, Carrie SRO 513-363-3470 email staff
Hornback, Regina Self-Contained K 513-363-3435 email staff
Huber, Tori Guidance Counselor email staff
Hueslman, Adam Intervention Specialist 9-12 513-363-3461
Hunley, Angelina Paraprofessional ALC 7-8 513-363-3469 email staff
Jackson, Shanina Paraprofessional Autism Unit email staff
Jacob, Kristy Math 513-363-3474 email staff
Kelly, Khadine College Readiness Coordinator 513-363-3437 email staff
Klein, Donald Band Director K-8 513-363-3465 email staff
Kling, Colleen Reading 4-6 513-363-3455 email staff
Limle, Katie Paraprofessional Autism Unit 513-363-3468 email staff
Loring, Kelly Health Center K-12 513-363-3472
Maley, Lori Intervention Specialist K-6 513-363-3467 email staff
Mallue, Alex Athletic Director 513-363-3438 email staff
McConnell, Kelsey Junior High Autism 513-363-3468 email staff
McMillan, Micheala Paraprofessional 1 email staff
Mitchell, Julie Self-Contained 1 513-363-3433 email staff
Molden, Michella Autism Unit 3-6 513-363-3469 email staff
Morrow, Scott Technology Coordinator email staff
Myers, Brian Security K-12 email staff
Nurre, Betsy Autism Unit 7-8 513-363-3468 email staff
Pleimann, Janice Math High School 513-363-3416 email staff
Reilly, Kevin Social Studies 9-10 513-363-3462 email staff
Reilly, Melinda Science 7-8
Reveal, Scott Math Specialist email staff
Rhodus, Jessica Intervention Specialist- Elementary K-6 513-363-3492 email staff
Roberts, Anthony Math 11-12 513-363-3429 email staff
Seybold, Natalie Spanish 513-363-3456 email staff
Shelton, Amanda Paraprofessional email staff
Shomo, Dr. Heath Center Physician K-12 513-363-3473
Smith, Britt Strides Unit 9-12 513-363-3437 email staff
Smith, Brandon Band Director
Smith, Antonio Security 513-363-3479 email staff
Smith-Carter, Mahalia Paraprofessional ALC K-6 email staff
Stacey, Angela Intervention Specialist 7-8
Stehlin, Jenny English 9-10 513-363-3423 email staff
Stokes, Venus Paraprofessional 2 email staff
Strayhorn, Brian ALC/ISS Coordinator 513-363-3427 email staff
Strunk, Don Science 11-12 513-363-3458 email staff
Strunk, Cheryl Art All 513-363-3428 email staff
Testerman, Kelly Psychologist K-12 513-363-3412
Thornton, Charlie CYC-JCG Coordinator 7-8 513-363-3487
Vogt, Kristen Reading/Social Studies 3 513-363-3492 email staff
Vogt, Erin Intervention Specialist High School Math 513-363-3461
Wise, Alicia Intervention Specialist High School 513-363-3444 email staff
Wittich, Lindsey Math 4-6 513-363-3424 email staff
Wolf, Julie Nurse Health 513-363-3421 email staff
Worthen, Curtis Paraprofessional email staff
Wright, Debra Self-Contained 2 513-363-3452 email staff
Yersky, Alex Intervention Specialist High School 513-363-3444 email staff
Yocum, Heidi Health Careers High School 513-363-3461 email staff