High School

The mission of the Riverview East Academy high school team is to provide a safe environment that promotes respect, and motivates students to learn and act responsibly. This means setting high standards of learning that all students can achieve by capitalizing on their individual strengths. Students will be prepared for their post-secondary careers by the delivery of a rigorous and comprehensive curriculum. In addition to a strong foundation in English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies, we offer elective courses such as Art, Creative Reading, and Public Issues, as well as AA and AP classes. Our healthcare focus enables us to prepare our students to enter the healthcare workforce and/or post-secondary healthcare education. Students in the healthcare program take classes ranging from Healthcare Foundations and Health Information Technology to more advanced classes like Phlebotomy. After taking the STNA and Phlebotomy classes, students are eligible to take licensure tests to open up career options.

English Language Arts



Social Studies


Creative Reading

Public Issues

AA and AP classes