Elementary School

The mission of the Riverview East Academy intermediate school team is for all of our students to SOAR.  Students are engaged in a Safe and Orderly environment that will support the student’s learning, growth, and development.  As a team, we believe that all students can Achieve by being introduced to rigorous concepts and ideas.  Students will experience differentiated instruction so that they can all be successful.  Our staff strives for Respect from the students, through having a mutual respect for every child. Our small class sizes aide us in providing our students with a strong foundation of Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science, along with great Art and Physical Education classes.  Having small class sizes also allows for more individualized instruction, and the opportunity to build closer relationships within our classes.  Students also benefit from having 30 minutes a day of computer time.  During this time, students will use scientifically based computer programs that will support the learning in the classroom, and prepare the students for computer-based tests.


Below are the programs we use to help meet the needs of all students in the intermediate grades:

Journey’s Reading

With Journeys, readers are empowered by skill mastery; inspired by authentic, award-winning text; and confident that they are building the skills needed for college and careers. Backed by proven results, Journeys is the most widely-used reading program in the country. Journeys is a research-based, comprehensive English Language Arts program designed to provide solid instruction that is clear and focused with realistic pacing and manageable resources.

Engage New York

A Common Core math program that focuses on fewer topics to build mastery of math topics.  Each lesson begins with a fluency practice to help review previously covered topics and build confidence and speed.  Lessons use a variety of  math manipulatives and methods to help students experience math in a fun new exciting way.  Children are exposed to  multiple strategies to meet all students learning needs and to master the math concepts in the Common Core.

ST Math

Meet JiJi the math penguin.  JiJi creates an individual learning plan for each student.  By introducing all math concepts visually--without any text whatsoever--ST Math programs clear the language hurdle and can be more stimulating to young children. Once a student has acquired a visual understanding of fundamental concepts, then symbolic representations of math are layered in.  Children are able to move at their own pace and work through hurdles to achieve math mastery!

Easy Tech

An online program to help build students digital literacy skills.  Easy Tech will equip students with critical skills including keyboarding, word processing, digital citizenship and online safety.  Students work at their own pace to complete lessons focused on key computer skills.  Each lesson is composed of a brief video and an interactive piece.  Then the students are given the opportunity to practice the skill in a fun way.  

ABC Afterschool

Activities Beyond the Classroom, through a 21st Century Grant, has partnered with Riverview East Academy to provide an after school program for K -8th grade. Students in the program receive a free snack and hot meal every day. Students receive individualized literacy and math tutoring as well as dynamic youth enrichment programming. Students participate in various clubs and classes, provided by professional artists and teachers. We have offered cooking classes, dance classes, tennis lessons, bucket drumming, and more. The after school program is a safe place for young people to grow academically, socially and emotionally, and to learn how to become stewards of their communities.