Many components such as academic performance, its location or student activities offered are just some aspects to consider when enrolling into a schoolhouse.  Individual schools are ranked by the Ohio Department of Education based on their State Report Card according to student performances on state administered tests, attendance and graduation rate.  Riverview East Academy has approximately 500 students from grades K-12 and we are steadily increasing with our continued approaches of attracting potential students and families throughout Southwest Ohio.

When wanting to enroll into Riverview East Academy, please consider the following:

Neighborhood Schools: The parent (or legal guardian) goes to the child's assigned neighborhood school and turns in the five-page Student Registration Information Packet.  The packet is available from the school or can be printed from the Web.

Schools of Choice: The parent (or legal guardian) completes an application form required for entry into a School of Choice, which are the magnet elementary schools and all high schools.  This step does not apply to eighth-graders who apply online at school.  Acceptance of the application is determined by such things as how much classroom space is available in the building and whether the student is eligible for the program. Application forms are available at the school or can be printed from the Web.

Student Registration Information Packet
After the student's application is accepted, the parent completes the five-page Student Registration Information Packet and turns it in at the school.  The packet is available from the school or can be printed from the Web (see column at the right).

New Enrollment
Only a parent or legal guardian may enroll a student. A legal guardian must present proper documentation (custody given by court or accredited agency).  The parent/guardian of a student who is new to the Cincinnati Public School District should bring the following documents to the school:

  • Proof of Address
  • Birth Certificate
  • Health Record
  • Final Report Card
  • Verification of Kindergarten attendance, if entering first grade