Riverview East Academy
Creating Tomorrow's Health Care Leaders Today

Riverview East Academy is an exclusively designed community learning center located on the beautiful banks of the Ohio River.  Established in 2005 on Cincinnati's East side, this Pre-K through 12th grade facility offers students the unique opportunity to complete their entire educational journey at one location.  Riverview East Academy allows students the chance to learn in a safe and secure environment, supported by state of the art technology and a highly qualified teaching staff.  Riverview East Academy prides itself in being a small school and a learning community that provides a world-class education to all of our schoolchildren.  Riverview East Academy stems from the merging of Linwood and McKinley elementary.  The merger of the two schools now constitutes Riverview East Academy.  Our hours of operation are from 9:15 to 3:45.  The high school component of Riverview East Academy is considered what CPS refers to as a "School of Choice".  Consequently, allows Riverview to be a high school for students from around the Greater Cincinnati area.  Riverview East currently has open enrollment, and we are one of the fastest growing schools within the Cincinnati Public School District.  Customer service is an element of the school that is extremely strong.  Recently, parents, students and the community have proven through their feedback that we truly provide a welcoming atmosphere throughout our school community.


Riverview East Academy will create an environment in which all members of the school community work to ensure that every student meets and/or exceed the district's defined academic standards.  To this end, we will continue to develop the necessary academic and social supports needed for each student to achieve educational success and become a productive and responsible citizen.


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